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     New Technology:-

    1)An Artificial Leaf Invented Which Can Solve Power Crisis

    Scientists have created the world’s first practical artificial leaf that can turn sunlight and water into energy, which they claim could pave the way for a cheaper source of power.A team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) says that the artificial leaf from silicon, electronics and various catalysts which spur chemical reactions within the device, can use sunlight to break water into hydrogen and oxygen which can then be used to create electricity in a separate fuel cell.

     2)A Neurochip That Can Communicate With Brain

    Water ice has been found on the surface of a nearby asteroid for the first time – a discovery that could help explain how Earth got its oceans, scientists announced.Two teams of researchers independently verified that the asteroid 24 Themis – a large rock hurtling through space in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter – is coated in a layer of frost. 
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     COMPUTER SCIENCE Seminar Topics(CS)

     1)Intel predicts 10GHz chips by 2011

    Intel is predicting that its microprocessors will hit 10GHz by the year 2011. In addition, it is currently working on a system bus that is 10 times faster than its upcoming 400 MHz (4*100MHz) Pentium 4 system bus, working at effective speeds of around 4 GHz.
    2) 260GB crammed on to ultra-durable CD-sized glass disc It’s 2011, and we’re still buying 4-inch optical discs. One reason why is that they’re still an extremely popular way to burn archives of our documents and photos. They do have their downsides, of course. They’re not particularly sturdy, for one thing. Researchers at the University of Southampton have developed a new technology that turns [...]MORE

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    Latest Computer Science Seminar Topics

    Electrical Engineering Seminar Topics(EEE)

    1)A Chip to Encrypt the Web

    New hardware should make it possible for all online data to be as secure as a credit card transaction.Read More

     2)Energy-Harvesting Displays

     Adding solar cells to liquid-crystal displays could help recover a significant amount of energy that's ordinarily wasted in powering them. Two research groups have created light filters that double as photovoltaic cells, a trick that could boost the battery life of phones and laptops.Read More

     3)Ultrafine Location Fixes

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