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Mechanical Engineering Seminar Topics 2011 and List of Latest mechanical Seminar Topics

B.TECH Mechanical Seminar Topics | MEC Latest Seminar Topics 

MEC Seminar Topics 2011

ME Seminar Topics 2010

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ME Seminar Topics

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MEC  Seminar Topics 2011
 Mechanical  Seminar Topics List
 thermoacoustic refrigeration full report
The Atomic Battery
six stroke engine

Electro bike An eco friendly bike full repor
(Our country is spending and investing a large amount of money for the refining and usage of crude oil. At present 734.08 Million Metric Tonnes of crude oil is consumed annually. About Rs.78,376 crores are utilized for crude oil usage. Major portion of this oil is utilized for automobiles which is a major cause for pollution (Air, Noise). Moreover fossil fuels are depleting and the whole world is in an urge for an alternative and also in the global era the technical difficulties like Ozone layer depletion and Pollution are still prevailing.)

Automatic Headlight full rep
The number of vehicles on our roads is burgeoning day by day. This is turn forced almost all this vehicle manufactures to think about the extra safety instruments and electronic controls to attach with these products for giving the users a safety derived in all road conditions through a mass flow traffic. If asked, one should always mention that the right driving is very cumbersome due to the dazzling light problems and the frequent dipping of headlights by manual means that often causes fatigue to the driver particularly at the time of peak traffic. So naturally to get rid of this perennial problem, an automatic mechanism has to come up to dip the headlamp automatically whenever required. For keeping a motor vehicle under perfect control and reins of the driver, different types of controls and accessories are provided in an automobile around the driverâ„¢s seat, on the dashboard and at the footboard. Simply, an automatic dipper is a unit, which can automatically judge when the headlight beam needs to be lowered, and which dip the headlamp from which beam to a dipped beam. As the dipper unit is well connected to the lighting system of the vehicle, we have to look short into the type and construction of a head light before discussing the wiring diagram or the construction of Automatic dippers.

Automobile Air Conditioning

Due to varying conditions of heating, ventilating, cooling and dehumidification in atmosphere at various places, the air conditioning of automobiles is very essential. To maintain human comfort and improve internal atmosphere in an enclosed space, proper control of freshness temperature, humidity and cleanliness of air required.

In an automobile the air conditioning system involvs two main processes of heating and cooling. In the heating system, warm water from the engine cooling system is used. The heat required to warm the automobile is generally provided by circulating warm water through heating coil. For producing cooling effect the evaporator coil operated by refrigeration system is placed inside the chamber of automobile. The components used for producing cooling effect, its working are discussed here
Camless Engine
The cam has been an integral part of the IC engine from its invention. The cam controls œbreathing channels of the IC engines, that is, the valves through which the fuel air mixture (in SI engines) or air (in CI engines) is supplied and exhaust driven out The cam has been an integral part of the IC engine from its invention. The cam controls theÅ“breathing channelsof the IC engines, that is, the valves through which the fuel air mixture (in SI engines) or air (in CI engines) is supplied and exhaust driven out The aim of all this effort is liberation from a constraint that has handcuffed performance since the birth of the internal-combustion engine more than a century ago. Camless engine technology is soon to be a reality for commercial vehicles. In the Camless valve train, the valve motion is controlled directly by a valve actuator - theres no camshaft or connecting mechanisms. Precise electronic circuit controls the operation of the mechanism, thus bringing in more flexibility and accuracy in opening and closing the valves. The seminar looks at the working of the electronically controlled camless engine with electro-mechanical valve actuator, its general features and benefits over conventional engine
Multi Valve Engine
Automatic braking system ABS
ABS system includes wheel-speed sensors, a hydraulic control unit, and an electronic control unit. When apply the brake pedal, the electronic control unit monitors and compares the signals from the wheel-speed sensors. If the electronic control unit senses rapid deceleration (impending lock-up) at a given wheel, the electronic control unit commands the hydraulic control unit to reduce hydraulic pressure to that wheel. ABS system preventing a skid and allowing the wheel to continue interacting tractively with the road surface as directed by driver steering inputs. While ABS offers improved vehicle control, and may decrease stopping distances on dry and especially slippery surfaces,This type of pressure limiting is similar to pumping the brake pedal,.ABS was designed to help to maintain directional control during emergency stops and when road conditions are poor. better chances of avoiding a crash. ABS is especially useful on wet and slippery roads,But latest technology like electronic brake force distribution (EBD), traction control system, emergency brake assist, or electronic stability control. enables high technical advantages in ABS System

design of automobile gearbox
Robotic Car full report
ROBOTIC CARS Introduction: The advancements in artificial intelligence are playing a major role in todayâ„¢s world. In future, AI will play a major role in all the fields of science and technology. This paper deals with the designing the cars enabled with artificial intelligence, to increase the safety and comfort of the passengers. These Robot-cars unlike conventional cars, does not need drivers for their driving. Instead of drivers, they are controlled autonomously using Differential-Global Position Systems (DGPS), Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) Chips programmed with reduced instruction set of codes (RISC) and microcontroller units. All the control systems of the car are brought under the control of microcontrollers, which receive their inputs from speed measuring systems such as tachometer, speedometer, odometer and sensors such as traction and stability control sensors, yaw control sensors, Radars and communication systems such as satellite transceivers.

Plasma Science
Knowledge Based CAD for Technology Transfer
Propulsion Subsystems
Solar Cells and Solar Cell Moduls
Electricity From Ocean Waves
Safety Systems
Scuderi Split Cycle Engine
Gaseous Pyrolysis
Low emission gas turbine
Influence of an iron fuel additive on the performanc
 and emissions of a DI diesel engine
Guided Missile
Pneumatics Control Systems
Computer Aided Process Planning (Capp)
F1 Track Design And Safety
Solar Ponds
Metal-Matrix Composite Processing
Systems Modeling and Simulation
Biomechatronic Hand
Total Productive Maintenance
Inverse Design of Thermal Systems
Biomass Fuelled Power Plant
Plug-In-Hybrid Cars
Micro Pumps
Nano Robotic Manipulation System
Cryogenic Grinding
Non-conventional Energy Sources
Composite materials for aerospace applications
MAP sensor
Advanced Airbags
Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)
Biomass Fuelled Power Plant
Direct shift gearbox (DSG)
Energy-absorbing bumpers
Radar Guns
Liquid Hydrogen as an Aviation Fuel
green engine
ceramic Inserts
Pneumatic forming
Air Suspension system
Water jet cutting technology
Continuously Variable Transmission
Night Vision
Direct Reduction Iron
Mordern Prototyping Methods
Micro Turbine
Multi Valve Engine
Development Status Of Superconducting Rotating Machines
Radar Guns and Laser radar Guns
In Mould Lamination Technique
Lenoir cycle
Design, Analysis, Fabrication And Testing
Of A Composite Leaf Spring
Macromolecular Hydrodynamics
Application of GPS in automobiles
Gas Transfer Systems
ElecroHydraulic Sawmills
Battery Electric Vehicle
MultiJack Bolt Tensioners
Long Term Mine Reconnaissance System
Material science including Nano-science
Rubber Products by Calendaring
Unmanned Mine Spotter
Hydrogen Vehicle
Microair Nozzles For Precision
Space Craft Propulsion
Hydro Electricity
Economical E-Beams
Weapon Engineering / Design
Thermal Platic Composities
gate valve
Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Nanocrystalline Thin-Film Si Solar Cells
Triptronic Automatic Gear Transmission
Thermoacoustic Refrigerator
Microengines for microprocessors
Skid Steer Loader And Multiterrain Loader
Mechanical Behavior of Filament-Wound Pipes
Advances in Gas Turbine
Trenchless Technology
Sports Plane
Symmetrical All Wheel Drive
Motors Without Mechanical Transmissions
Practical Fuel-Cell Vehicles
Diamond Cutting Tool And Coatings
Smart Material
Carbonfibre On F1 Cars
Laminated Object Manufacturing
A Case Study Of Management
A Design Theory Based
A Hypersonic Hybrid Vehicle
Abrasive Water Jet
Acoustic Emission Based Machining Tool
Condition Monitoring “ An Overview
Active Suspension System
Adaptive Cruise Control For Modern Automobile
Advance Systems In Two Wheelers
Advances In Automobiles (Hybrid Vehicles)
Air Bearing Next Generation Bearings
Air Bearings
Air Brithing Engine
Air Powered Car
Air Suspension System And Its...
Alternative Abrasive To Diamond
Alternative Fuel
Amphibious Army Surveillance Vehicle
Antilock Brake System
Antilock Braking System
Antiskid System Of Supersonic..
Application Of Crvoi Reatmkm Fok Enhancement In Tool Like
Application Of Cryotreatment..
Application Of Laser Machining In Diamond Processing
Applications Of Micro-Controller In Auotomobile
Aqua Silencer - A Noise & Emission Controller
Aque Fuel
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Future Around Us
Artificial Intelligence (Modelling Air Fuel Ratio Control)
Artificial Intelligence In Mechanical Field
Artificial Intelligence-Present And Future
Assembly Of Water Cooler
Auto Drilling With Geneva
Automated Assembly System
Automatic Braking System
Automation And Robotics
Automation Of Ultrasonic Testing Procedures
Automobile AC By Utilizing Waste Heat & Gases
Automobile Air Conditioning
Balance Of Tool Holder
Bike Of The Future- Pneumatic Bike
Biodiesel From Jatropha
Biomass As An Alternate Fuel For Diesel Engine
Business Process Analysis By BPR
CAD & CAE In Bio-Medical Field
Caged Ball Technology
Carbon Nanotubes
Carbon Nanotubes 1
Catalytic Converters
Centrifugal Pump
Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearing
Chloro Fluro Carbons
Cleaning Of Metal
Clutch Lining Testing Machine
Coating Of Corbide Inserts
Combing Developments & Their Significance-Mech10
Combustion Control Using Optical Fiber
Combustion Stability In I.C.Engines
Complex System Development
Compresed Air Cars Technology
Computer Aided Analysis Of
Computer Aided Production Engineering (CAPE)
Computer Integrated Manufacturing-Building The Factory Of Future
Concentrating Solar Power Energy From Mirrors
Concept Of Flying Train
Condition Monitoring Through Vibration Measurement
Constitutive Modelling Of Shape Memory Alloy Using Neural Networks
Cost Effective Safety Instrumented Systems
Crop Harvesting Machine
Cryogenic Automotive Propulsion Zero Emission Vehicle
Cryogenic Processing Of Wear Control
Cummins Diesel Fuel System
Design Of Efficient Production
Design, Implementation, Utilization Of FEM
Development & Application
Development In Arc Welding Process Using Robot
Development Of High Performance
Development Of High Performance
Digital Manufacturing Using STEP-NC
Direct Injection Process
Distribution Side Management For Urban Electric Utilities In India
Effect Of Catalytic Coating
Effect Of Grash Of Number
Effect Of Preload On Stability And Performance
Of A Two-Lobe Journal Bearing
Effect Of Pressure On Arc Welding Process
Efficiency In Boring

ME Seminar Topics 2010
                               MOST Viewed

Special materials for ultra low temperature applications
Magnetic Bearing
Solar power Tower
Cylinder Deactivation
Electric Rocket Engine
Micro scale regenerative Heat Exchanger
Semi automatic transmission
Electrostatic precipitator
Space stations
Semi solid Casting
Antilock Braking System
Reusable Launch Vehicles
Crystaline Silicon Solar Cells
Ball valve
Magnetic Bearing
Space Robotics
Ocean Thermal Energy
Lean Burn Spark Ignition Engine
Variable Speed Drives
Durable Prototyping
Simple Constitutive Models for Linear and Branched Polymers
Hydrogen Fuel Tank
Portable Power
Cryogenic Ball Valves
Computer Modelling
LASER Sintering
In Mould Lamination Technique
Thermostatic Refrigerator
Space ShuttleSemisolid Casting
The Atomic Battery
Smart combustors
Magnetic Refrigeration
Hydro Jetting
E85Amoeba Organization
Recent Advances in Statistical Quality Control
Cylinder Deactivation
Sustainable Engineering
Hydro Drive
Expert Technician System
Re-Entry Of Space Vehicle
Micro-Scale Milling
stratified charge engine
Tip Tronic Gear transmission
New Age Tyres
Smart Materials
Wind From The Sun-Power Plant
Solar Powered Refrigerator
Liquid Hydrogen as an Aviation Fuel
Robotic Pioneering
Active Electrically Controlled Suspension
Air Cushion Vehicles
Babbitt metal
Robotic Assistants For Aircraft Inspectors
Robots In Radioactive Environments
Modern Air Pollution Control Technologies
Common Rail Direct Injection (Crdi) Engines
Thermo Hygrometer
Future of Portable Power
Automobile Air Conditioning
Transfer Machines
Micro- and Nano-Mechanics of Surface Contact Plasticity
Spark Sintering
IT Application in Complex Syatem Analysis
Research and Materials of Armor Design
Carbon Nanotubes
Wireless Energy Transmission
Hydraulic Elevators
Solar Heat Energy Storage In Phase Change Materials
Dynamics of Cutting Viscoelastics Materials
Snaps To Replace Screws
Vibration control Techniques
Power From Space For Use On Earth
Advanced Propulsion Methods
Super Charging
Metal-Matrix Composite Processing
VANOS (Variable Nockenwellen Steuerung)
Frictionless Compressor Technology
Bearing Life Measurements
Hybrid Synergy Drive
Risks of Nano Engineered Particles
Rotating Scroll Power Compressor
Nano Spreader Cooling
Self Extinguishing PVC's
Electromagnetic Clutches
Hypersonic Space Planes
Rapid Design for Lean Manufacturing
Bio-ethanol As Fuel
Snake robots
Compression Tube fittings
Supercase Hardening process
Over-the-wing Engine mount configration
Personal Transporters
Magnetic refrigeration
Design of an active car chassis frame incorporating
magneto rheological fluid
All- wing Technology
High speed Propellers
MEMS “ a pollution free option for power generation
Improving aerodynamic performance of an aerospace vehicle
Electromagnetic Brakes
Antimatter -the ultimate energy
Lean to Steer Concept
Tidal technology
Thin Vacuum Conveyors
Hybrid vehicles
Six stroke engines
Scramjet engine
Probabilistic design of mechanical components
Regenerative braking
Damage identification in aging aircraft structures
with piezoelectric wafer active sensors
3 Axis Digital Accelerometer
Smart material actuators
Biologically inspired robots
mass airflow sensor
Guided Missiles
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Data Fusion for Quality Improvements
Rocket Powered Aircraft
Space Shuttle
Hybrid Wind Electrolysis System
Cargo Storage in Space
Self Healing Space crafts
Elecro Magnetic Flowmeters
Green Factory
Threadless Couplings
Micro Moulding
Metal Nanoshells
Floating Wind mills
Micro Hydraulics
Diamond Cutting Tool And Coatings
Ball Piston machines
Atkinson cycle engine
Artificially Engineered Material Composites
Atomistic Characterization of Dislocation Nucleation and Fracture
Hy-Wire Car
Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion
Orbital/Space Mechanics
Aerospace Propulsion
HANS-In F1 Racing
Advanced composites
Random vibrations
Cryogenic Grinding
Fuzzy logic in Aircraft stability
Airport management
Hydro Drive(
High angle of attack aerodynamics
Latest Trends in Automotive Engg.& Technology
Frictionless Compressor Technology
Conditional monitoring & fault Diagnosis
Bio-degradable polymers
Metal-Matrix Composite Processing(
Mechanical torque limitors
Ceramic fastners
Multi Valve Engine(
Pump Noise level reduction methods
Polymers castings
Biomass Fuelled Power Plant(
Low Gloss ABS system
Fuel Cells on Aerospace
Wind engineering
Aircraft design
Multiple material milling platform
Smart Pnuematics
Infrared Curing And Convection Curing(
Digital manufacturing
Robots In Radioactive Environments
Lean engineering
Modular Workstations
Threadless Couplings
Robotic roller coasters
Energy saving motors
Carbon nanotube cloths
Continuously Variable Transmission(
Nuclear fuel reprocessing
Solar Power Satellite
Air Powered Car
Biomass Fuelled Power Plant
Self Healing Spacecrafts
Fractal Robot
Superconducting Rotating Machines
Heat caps
Corrosion resistant gear box
Cam less Engines
tire & wheel without pneumatics
Active Electrically Controlled Suspension
Variable compression ratio engine
Electric power steering units
Dynamic Ride Control (DRC)
Oil Depletion in the World(
Automatic transmission tiptronic, 5-speed
Driver information system (DIS)
Sensotronic Braking System
Cargo storage in space
Molecular hinges
Aspheric lenses
Jet Stream windmill
Flyash Utilisation
High Altitude Aeronautical Platforms
Automotive Infotainment
Advanced Plastics
Contactless energy transfer system
Handheld Radiation detector
Sea Power
Harvesting Wave power
Bench top wind tunnels
Molten oxide electrolysis
Ultra Nano Crystallline Diamond
Energy efficient turbo systems
Collision warning system
Antiroll suspension system
Porous Burner Technology
Brake Assisting Systems
Smart Autoreeling mechanism
Direct Manufacturing
Fuel cell powered Go-Karts
Nano in navy
Active roll-over protection system in Automobiles
Nanoscale Armor
Brake booster
Double-wishbone suspension
Dynamic shift program (DSP)
Adaptive air suspension
Small Satellites
Robot driven cars
Process Automation Techniques
DurAtomic Process
Intelligent Compact drives
Portable X-RaY Fluorescence Analyser
CeramicLike Coatings
Rotating Parallel Grippers
Jelly Filled Telephone Cables
Aluminium Alloy Conductors
HalBach array
Magnetic Levitation
Magnetic Launching
Collision warning Systems
Active Front Lighting System
Carbon Nanotubes
Microbial Fuel Cells
Elecromagnetic Valves
Stealth Radar
Self Aware Robots
Eco-Freiendly Surface Treatments
Rapid Injection Moulding
Carbon Foam-Military Applications
Jet Powered Boat
Abrasive Etching
Air Casters
Airbags & ABS~
High Speed Precise Gear Boxes
Smart Ammunitions
Sono bouys
Active Decoy Systems
Full Colour 3D Modelling Using Rapid Prototyping
Underwater Welding~
Micro Gravity
Single Crystal Turbine Aerofoil
Space Station~
Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)
Sky Rocket
Jetex Engine
Electrochemical Machining (ECM) & EBM~
Concept Cars
Research Aircrafts
Cell Integration Into A Manufacturing System~
Micro Batteries
ArcJet Rocket
Global Positioning System~
Pulsed Plasma Thruster
Resistojet Rocket
Floating Power Stations~
Water Rocket
Ablative MAterials
Aircraft Propeller~
Air- Augmented Rocket
Space Shuttle Boosters
Electronic Road Pricing System~
Advanced Rocket Motors
Space Shuttle
Rocket Powered Aircraft
Electronbeam Machining~
Hydrogen Generation via Wind Power Electrolysis
Combustion Research
Virtual Reality~
Liquid Injection Thrust Vectoring (LITV)
Energy Saving Motors
Blended Winged Aircraft
Nanoscale Fractals
Nanomaterial Based Catalyst
Regenerative Fuel Cells
Self Repairing Composites
Laod Sensing Hydraulics
Modular workstations
Stereoscopic Projection Systems
Virtual Reality Visualisation
Steer- By -Wire
Advanced Off-set printing


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